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The community is very important to us. Regular fun days are had in-store, entertaining kids and adults alike. Radio Metro and ABI regularly bring their music vans to the Fontana piazza where they run dance competitions and do prize give-aways, with SAB adding a similar vibe to our TOPS store.

We provide a strong support base to the local police, sponsoring all of their functions. The police and other essential services personnel know they are always welcome in the stores for a free hot beverage 24/7.

There are over 200 schools and crèches in the Hillbrow area – We support various requests as they identify fund-raising needs – sponsoring big walks, computers, matric dances, sporting events... You name it. 
We deal with various organised institutions caring for the destitute -- the homeless, orphans, rehabilitating drug addicts mainly by providing them with their basic grocery needs. And we provide food for street kids – sometimes this is their only daily meal.

We also partner with other businesses in Hillbrow to support community efforts.

Fontana staff are seen as near to family and are developed and promoted from within the chain. All of the 13 Highpoint managers have been trained through apprenticeship in the store, having been packers or cleaners initially. We look after our staff as they are the business – We give a promise to our staff that loyal long service guarantees employment for their children in the future.


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